After several raids, police determined that the managers of the brothel dictated the prices that the women had to charge, prohibited them from sitting in groups or using cell phones during work, set the work hours, searched rooms and handbags, and made them work completely.
Somewhat controversially provides sexual services to severely mentally disabled men and has been repeatedly covered in the media.
The German government issued a report on the law's impact in January 2007, concluding that few sex workers had taken advantage of regular work contracts and that work conditions had improved only slightly, if at all.Women normally pay a low or zero bordell spanien entrance charge.Among the largest clubs of this type are: in Berlin, opened in the fall of 2005, the new Harem in and the long established FKK World near and FKK Oase in the countryside near.The German Federal Police Office reported in 2006 a total of 357 completed investigations of human trafficking, with 775 victims.That's the 'respectable whore' image politicians seem in thrall of: free to do as they like, covered under the social insurance system, doing work they enjoy and holding an account at the local savings bank.Today many police officers, women's organizations and politicians familiar with prostitution are convinced that the well-meaning law is in fact little more than a subsidy program for pimps and makes the market more attractive to human traffickers.In 2005, the ruling of and announced plans to punish customers of forced prostitutes, if the customer could reasonably have been aware of the situation.

Likewise, the United Tribuns are involved in the power struggle.By this distinction between prostitution and other trades, immorality of prostitution was defined in law.The increase was attributed to the.Under the new law, women could sue for their wages and contribute to health, unemployment and pension insurance programs.Thus their occupation defined their lives as a separate class of women, on the margins of society.North Rhine-Westphalia charges 25 euros per day per prostitute, while Berlin charges 30 euros.

The scandal inspired two movies.