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Philadelphia Business Journal, "PoliticsPA: Hillary secures all of Pennsylvania's superdelegates April 28, 2016 To find out which candidate a superdelegate supported, Ballotpedia sought out public statements from the superdelegate in other media outlets and on social media.A political term is when a president is elected he/she gets to do his/her duty for four years, then after that a new president is elected, he/she gets to run for president one more time in his/her life.It is considered politically correct to refer to all thespians, regardless of gender, as "actors.".A Radical is a person who relates to a political group associated with views of extreme change.6, presidential preference 2016 presidential endorsement, nutter endorsed.These obligations include keeping accurate 'books, records, and accounts' and maintaining 'a system of internal accounting controls sufficient' to ensure the propriety of financial transactions and the preparation of financial statements in compliance with 'generally accepted accounting principles.
4, 1987 New York Times The Company' as Big Business" by Clyde.
The city tried taxing lap dances at strip clubs a few years back.

It means "of or relating to the government or the public affairs of a country." And of course, it has to do with " politics." In other words, using America as an example, there are two major political parties- the Democrats and the Republicans.