nur geträumt

The third and final single was "Leuchtturm released in 1983, a few months after "99 Luftballons".
3, it was produced.
"Einmal ist keinmal" ( Once is Not at All ) Manfred Praeker 2:45."99 Luftballons" was the second single, released in 1983.10 "Leuchtturm" edit "Leuchturm" is a love song, its lyrics, written by Nena herself, describing how she and her "Kapitän" (captain) set off alone in a "U-Boot" (submarine) to see the world from a "Leuchtturm" (lighthouse).Alles was ich an dir mag."Zaubertrick" ( Magic Trick ) Fahrenkrog, Brendel 4:15.

"Vollmond" ( Full Moon ) Karges 3:04.Nena, "Leuchtturm" is the only re-work from the album millionär sucht frau rtl which Nena hasn't discarded in favour of the original version, the 2002 version being the one she has continued to perform live ever since.Strophe I: Ich bin, so allein, ich will bei dir sein, ich seh' deine.9 In 2002, when Nena rekindled her solo career by releasing the triple platinum album Nena feat.7 It reached. .Photos, ich hab' heute nichts versäumt, denn ich hab' nur von dir geträumt.8 If the track was the one which launched Nena's career in Germany, where its release preceded "99 Luftballons it had the opposite effect in the Anglophone world where an English version Just a Dream failed as a follow-up, only scraping into the low reaches.12 Furthermore, despite the huge success of Nena feat.Chorus: Ich hab' heute nichts versäumt, denn ich hab nur von dir geträumt.