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By doing that, it will loot the item in any open Backpack of yours.
Attacking SD Target auto 250 useoncreature 3155 target Spell when attacking auto 250 isattacking say exori max frigo Note: You can get red skulled with this script, so be careful!By moving the Cursors on the following options, the bot will be more strict to these options: The main ones that are usually edited here are: Health: Attacks the Creature with the lowest HP first.Stick: Will always keep the same target, as long as its still on screen.Notes: In Order to change the desired action, press on the first button beside it and press up or down Arrow Keys on your keyboard to change.It should look similar to this now: Then simply press on, follow Waypoints in the middle and your character will start running in the order you bordell caligula berlin have set.However, this only works if you have only one backpack inside the same backpack at once.Target must be shootable: Ignore creatures, that you cannot hit.Paladin Support Utani hur auto 250 haste Mlvl Training auto 250 say utana vid Buy Strong Mana Potions auto 90000 listas Buy Mana npcsay Hi wait 1000 npcsay Trade wait 1000 buyitems 237 100 Healing HP Heal auto 100 dontlist if hppc 90 say exura.
AddScripts In order to add Scripts to Elfbot, you will have to press on Hotkeys at the main menu After that a new window will open.

Now Simply check the box beside Hotkeys enabled and Persistent and the scripts will start running!Then you simply walk your character to one spot, and then press.This will make your bot do certain things deepending the situation: S Makes the bot play a sound P Pauses/disables the Cavebot function X X-Logs your character Targeting In order to make the bot attack Creatures, you will have to first press on Targeting.On the right side, you can find Looting Press on New Entry and after that you can fill out the 3 Empty boxes on the bottom On the First one, you will have to enter the item id You can find those here: m/wiki/Item_Ids.Zip" and unpack it, for example to your desktop.Movement If you want your Character to follow the creature, you will have to change Desired stance.Note: On default, Elfbot should be installed at something like this: C:Program Files (x86)ElfBot NG, after opening both files, it should look something like this: Now simply press on "Crack It!" and it should open Tibia and Elfbot.After that run the file "ElfCrack.Target must be reachable: Ignore creatures, that you cannot walk.Press on the first small folder to the right, and navigate it to your tibia.Note: If you cannot do so, you are most likely missing a programm to unzip the file, in that case you will have to download for example Winrar to.