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Elegans as a model system, biologists found that BBS proteins are involved in a process called Intraflagellar transport (IFT a bi-directional transportation activity within the cilia along the long axis of the ciliary shaft that is essential for ciliogenesis and the maintenance of cilia.
References edit Beales P, Elcioglu N, Woolf A, Parker D, Flinter.
Growth and development: Developmental delay, especially of fine and gross motor skills Behavior: ich suche eine frau aus china a wide variety of socialization and social interaction problems have been identified with BBS.BBSome is proposed to be responsible for transporting intracellular vesicles to the base of the cilia and to play an important role in the ciliary function."Intraflagellar transport molecules in ciliary and nonciliary cells of the retina".A human-memoribility domain name length should be maximum chars of 9 as well as brand-friendly.Nde ia6villa;de ia6villa.;de ia6villalde ia6villa.

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Citation needed A theory that photoreceptor cells are nourished by the IFT of retinal cilia now offers a potential explanation for the retinal dystrophy common in BBS patients after their early years of life.