GAZ-66 (4x4) chassis (Land Forces r-415N radio-relay station based on the GAZ-66 (4x4) chassis (Land Forces).
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WHY DO WE RUN this tour FOR free?Where is the secret Metro 2?GAZ-31029 "Volga" (4x2) motorcar, gAZ-69 (4x4) vehicle, gAZ-51A truck.KK armored vehicle fitting repair workshop MSR-M.2 welding workshop MSR-M.1 welding workshop MRP-AM2.2 fueling system instrumentation repair workshop MRP-AM1 fueling system instrumentation repair workshop mrtn-M2 workshop for testing and repair of motor vehicle diesel engine fueling instrumentation MRE-AM2.2 electrical equipment repair workshop MRE-A1 electrical equipment.BAZ-69531 ballast tractor Oka operational and tactical missile system based on the BAZ-6944 chassis 9S52M Polyana-D4M antiaircraft missile brigade control post automation complex based on the BAZ-6950 chassis Lavina special armored water-jet vehicle based on the BAZ-6953 chassis Unitized family of special wheeled chassis and.We will speak about the Great Terror under Stalin, the gulag system, secret KGB prison and how people lived in the Soviet Union.GAZ-233014 Tigr vehicle, gAZ-233036 Tigr vehicle, gAZ-29651 Karatel vehicle.You will take a walk through the center of the city: Red square and around the Kremlin walls.The alternative Lenins Mausoleum, the Leningradskaya Pravda buildings and many others.How would the Red Square look like with three skyscrapers or gigantic staircases going all the way up to the 16th floor?No cancellation fees for daily tours (except fulda nutten Kremlin Tour) 100 satisfaction guarantee, wE DO great tours seven dayeek, IN ANY weather AND FOR ANY group size.
It could have become one of the highest buildings in the world with a 100 m Lenin statue on the top.
TZ-2-66D filling truck based on the GAZ-66-14 chassis (Logistics of the RF AF).

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Rosoboronexport State Corporation in the global market of military vehicles Terms and definitions.Behind medieval walls you will discover the oldest square of Moscow and amazing cathedrals where Russian rulers used to get married, crowned and buried.UAZ-469 and UAZ-469B (4x4) all-wheel-drive motor vehicles.GAZ-24 and GAZ-24-02 "Volga" (4x2) motorcars.Moscow Kremlin tour:.30 pm, Every day,.Charismatic, entertaining and experienced local tour guides who love Moscow and speak English fluently!
Moreover: Always best prices in Moscow, no prepayment for daily tours (except Kremlin Tour).
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What you will see through the VR glasses: The Palace of the Soviets instead of the Cathedral of the Christ the Saviour.