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Eglo co-founder and escort 93 Ho Tep head honcho, radio shows on Rinse and now NTS and a DJ calendar that would rival most, youd think that Alex might have an air of arrogance to him, but rather, he is the epitome of a down to earth.
With Eglo going from strength to strength and Fatimas second album in the making, we took stock of how the Wolverhampton boy grew to be the label owner he is today.Between his parents, and two brothers, Alex had an array of collections available to him introducing him to the likes of Curtis Mayfield, The Rolling Stones, A Tribe Called Quest, Herbie Hancock and even Metallica.Responsible for seminal releases from Henry Wu, Fatima, Funkineven, Byron The Aquarius, Steve Spacek, Anderson Paak and many more.When asked what advice he would give to people starting out, the answer is simple, dont rush into.Radio too was something that was prevalent in Alexs life from the get.What better place to start than those early experiences that prove so seminal in shaping peoples tastes?Having lived in London for 11 years, Alex made the executive decision to move back to Wolverhampton, a culmination of the sheer cost of rent and the closure of his musical church, Plastic People.
In these parting words it became clear how Alex has got to the stage he has.
A man more than willing to take time out to help those around him, even lecturing and holding workshops where possible, so that maybe he can provide the new generation with the advice that was lacking to him as a youngster.

Yet Alex is still frequently in London and considering hes off travelling over the weekends DJing, Wolves allows him a space to knuckle inka bause bauer sucht frau down Monday to Friday.This industriousness has also lead to Alex actively trying to focus his energy to ensure the best possible results on all of his projects.For a man as talented and well respected as Sam Shepherd its interesting to hear that Alex tried and failed to acquire him a record deal.I took him to all the major labels, major publishing companies no-one was interested.So we just put our money together and pressed the first record ourselves.By his own admission he never had the confidence to do things as a youngster, but that didnt stop Alex from forging himself a bountiful and illustrious career.The moodiness and snobbery embraced at those raves is something Alex clearly stays away from.
A pre-cursor to starting Rinse?
Surrounding himself with friends and working only with those that he has some form of personal connection with, provides a recipe not only for success, but also for happiness.